The short stop, before the hot spot.

Ask me anything   Hey guys my name is Bella.
This is an everything type of blog. I find cool stuff, share it and sometimes I share some cool personal stuff like my pets and funny stories.
I want people to give me feed back too and please share yourself :)

I do like animals, and video games lol have fun and enjoy.


the more sexual and inappropriate you are with me the better we’ll get along

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Watch "Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Sequence Animated Per…" on YouTube →

Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go” Sequence Animated Per…:

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Trainning for the tourament #vangaurd

Trainning for the tourament #vangaurd

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kissing is hella rad but no one is kissing me so that makes me hella sad

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the only sport you’ll see me playing


the only sport you’ll see me playing

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what are the symptoms of being fergalicious

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